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  • 607 for Beginners—an overview of how the Bible does not support Jehovah’s Witnesses’ selection of 607 BCE for Jerusalem’s destruction.
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses and 1914—explains why Jehovah’s Witnesses’ 1914 doctrine is so important to them, and how it cannot be reconciled with the Bible or secular history.
  • Daniel’s dreams and visions—a consideration of the book of Daniel in its original context.
  • Seven Times—a brief analysis of the historical context of Daniel’s “seven times”.
  • 586 or 587?—an overview of how the Bible supports 587 BCE rather than 586 BCE as the year in which Jerusalem was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar II.


What the Watch Tower Society gets wrong…

PDF downloads


  • Pre-Kingdom Timeline—from the creation of Adam and Eve until Solomon’s reign as indicated by the Bible. (Not historical events.)
  • Divided Monarchy Timeline—from 1048 BCE to 515 BCE as indicated by the Bible and secular history. UPDATED—added observations from VAT 4956 for 568 BCE – 567 BCE.
  • JW Timeline—from 1118 BCE to 515 BCE indicating the Watch Tower Society’s chronology, and many of the problems therein. UPDATED—added observations from VAT 4956 for 588 BCE – 587 BCE based on dates asserted by the Watch Tower Society.
  • Persian Period Timeline—from the Fall of Babylon in 539 BCE until 330 BCE.
  • Kings of the North & South Timeline—from 336 BCE to 41 BCE, including the conflict between the King of the North (Syria) and the King of the South (Egypt) through to the end of the Seleucid era.
  • Roman Empire Timeline—from 63 BCE to 168 CE.

What Does the Bible Really Teach…

Concise comparisons of what Jehovah’s Witnesses believe and what the Bible actually says.


35 thoughts on “Index

  1. These articles are excellent! You could publish them as a book.
    Thanks very much for your effort. I hope many searching JWs will find it.

    • You’re welcome Rosalie.
      It would be nice if more people would leave responses, whether it’s to say thanks, to point out errors, or to ask questions.

  2. Hi
    I’m an x-jw and live in Denmark.
    I would like to thank you for these wonderfull articles.
    I use them a lot when I debate with my JW-famely.
    Wish you would make more.


    • I might be able to write other pages, but I don’t always have a lot of time to do so.
      Is there a particular aspect you would like more information about?

  3. Thanks for your hard work and research. I was a JW my entire life [49 yrs] and recently ‘enlightened’ to TTATT. I read their two 2011 articles and couldn’t believe them. In the footnotes they actually admit that the 587 is the correct one, but ‘However’ then they go on to plant doubts in peoples mind and still contend that they are correct with staying with 607bce. Unbelievable. Keep the faith and keep up the good work.

    • Maureen G…

      I thought about simply rejecting your trite insult, but I decided to approve it, just so people can see what a truly deplorable individual you are.

      Whether I’m wiser than your purported deity is entirely irrelevant, but I’m certainly wiser—or at the very least, a great deal more honest—than the old men who run your preferred publishing company. Although, as a devout JW, you probably don’t understand the distinction.

      It’s particularly amusing that you were unable to identify any actual errors in the information I’ve provided, but instead you had to resort to a quite pathetic pseudo-‘threat’ about imaginary birds in a hypothetical scenario. I hope that, one day, you come to understand just how stupid and belligerent you actually sound.

      If you notice any actual errors, feel free to identify them. Or if you have any legitimate questions, or you require clarification on certain points, feel free to ask. If you continue with any further hate speech, your comments will simply be deleted.

      P.S. I see that Maureen’s despicable comment is derived from page 7 of the 15 February 2014 issue of The Watchtower. It seems Maureen can’t even be original.

  4. Oh man! This is voluminous!! I feel really full right now and I’m surely gonna need a long nap after a cold shower…….. Lol. Please ignore my stupid self. I’m actually saying that you are really endowed with God’s blessings (hopefully you still believe in Him though) and I must drop my hat and bow to your great research.

    I see, 1914 as a complete pain-in-the-back for JWs, but of course, what do you expect from individuals who sold (or practically, threw) all their properties in expectation of a new system of things and the arrival of saints into Beth Sarim?

    For one, 2 hat-tips to Rutherford. What a smart dude he was!! He obviously scammed those poor-deluded fellas. I wish I could get a Mansion that quick, maybe I show start up my own organization, what do you think?

    ROFL!! That’s a hell-to-the-yeah multi-million dollar business!!!

    • Thanks for your comment, Christopher.
      Whilst I see no evidence on which to base any belief in ‘Him’, the fact is that JW beliefs about 607 contradict the Bible and are wrong irrespective of whether there is a god or not.
      Rutherford was a master manipulater to get his summer home. I suppose you could try to do the same, but could you really stomach it?

  5. Of course I could! Have you read a book by a JW (now deceased, perhaps) which talks of a letter sent to Rutherford complaining that while he sent them from door-to-door, he went from “drink” to “drink” and if they were to stop, they’ll get destroyed!

    Of course I could do that too.

    Imagine how much money I’d make if I got myself to type “Armageddon Is Upon Us” as a the title of a Watchtower Booklet and ordering my Faithful flock to sell all their properties and pay the money into my Bank account (to be disposed). I’ll be Arab-rich in two days. They’re that stupid!

    • I don’t know what book you’re referring to. I guess that means I haven’t read it. I’m familiar with anecdotes of Rutherford’s drinking habits though.
      Best of luck starting your own cult. It only has to be slightly less ridiculous than all the other ones and you’ll have it made. 😛

  6. Have you noticed? The Watchtower has lately stopped talking about the 607 B. C. E. unlike those times they seemed to be “on fire”. I guess they must have visited this blog LOL. I like to be friends with you on Facebook, please could you add me on [removed] it’s an honour speaking with you. However, please ignore Maureen G’s insult, don’t let it bother you. It’s what they do when exposed. Stay blessed 🙂

    • I wouldn’t agree that they have ‘stopped talking about 607’. Whilst they made special (but altogether unconvincing) efforts to ‘defend’ 607 in 2011 and 2012, most years prior also did not give much attention to the issue. It therefore seems more like the 2011 and 2012 articles were the exception, rather than the subsequent decrease, which is really a return to business as usual.
      I only add people on Facebook who I know personally.
      I don’t want to ignore Maureen’s insult – it was hilarious. 🙂

      • .. and you have done it greatly! Thanks for the long and detailed article, It has helped me a lot to “understand” the flawed reasoning and twisting of those accounts by the borg. Eventhough the bible rejects the idea of an “insivible” “presence” and therefore all this 607 bs it’s still interesting to see how these tactics to deceive people are used to that extent by the borg.

        Greetings from a fellow atheist in middle Europe

  7. I would just like to say a huge thank you for taking the time to cover this material.

    I am recently out of the bOrganisation but I have admittedly had moments of doubt concerning counter arguments. This site has thoroughly put an end to those doubts and likewise given me the ammunition to counter the arguments from still-ins on my reasons for drawing away.

    Sincerely, thank you for your effort.

    • You’re welcome. I’m glad the information has helped you and I hope it will help you to assist others too. 🙂

  8. Every website, every article, every internet resource which helps to explain and expose wrong teachings is very valuable.
    You have made a special effort to share your research and I’m extremely grateful.
    Please leave this here for years to come so the evidence continues to mount.

  9. Thought I’d leave a little help. Eve said she had “generated” an offspring with the help of God. Crossing from death to life an event possible only after Jesus. A new life in reality, or new creation, now made possible only through the son sent by the Father. The Bible states if the time was not cut short no flesh could be saved. It was cut sort by Jesus delivering the ransom for the ransomer our Father. This “generation will not come to an end”. Generation and the way it’s being used is the problem you are having. Forget the waist of time showing others who do not understand, that the organization does not understand.
    Sincerely, traveler

    • This trivial wordplay is not particularly helpful. The ‘generation’ (production at a stretch, but actually just ‘getting’, קָנָה qanah, Strong’s H7069) of a child at Genesis 4:1 has no semantic or logical relationship with the time period indicated by a ‘generation’. The references to a ‘generation’ in the ‘gospels’—completed after 70 CE—refer to the period from the time of Jesus until the destruction of Jerusalem, that time period being a ‘generation’ in the typical sense. No mystery, no need for abstruse ‘interpretations’.

  10. Hello, Jeff
    Thank you for the very thorough research that has help many. I resigned a couple of yrs ago as an elder and gradually stopped attending meetings.
    Because I am aware of the isolated position ones find themselves in when “leaving” I have not formally disassociated. However I have no contact except with my wife as she is still very much “in”. I discern, to, that even though I am not shunned officially, even in my extended family (adult children and grandchildren) there seems to be an emotional shunning of me.
    From the research I have done it seems wrong to apply any of the so-called scriptures about disfellowshipping to someone who has doubts or examines things.
    The bible does mention disfellowshipping, though the word is not there, however it (from my understanding) is in relation to ones who are debauched and another type – those who want to influence others with the view to gaining followers and denial of Christs teachings.
    I have only learned about you today after reading some of your excellent material on Wikipedia.
    Do yo have any material anywhere on shunning?

  11. Hello. My apostate name is “Wicked Slave.” I am recently inactive and former “anointed” witness. I am now working on a public campaign to stop JW’s by providing information for the general public about how to wake up JW’s that they see on the street or knock on there door. I would love to discuss your articles and writings for use on my website. I need help since I will be directly using my website to wake up these poor cult victims.

    • Hi. I am not prepared to endorse your website at this stage, as its specific purpose is unclear beyond a general intent to ‘bring down JWs’. Once it contains more meaningful content, I will reassess. I look forward to your site growing into a more useful resource.

      Personal experiences and facts about the denomination are both types of information that may be helpful to people looking to know more about JWs, but suggesting they are ‘evil’ or a ‘cult’ without any real information may be offputting to your audience.

    • Hi Christian. Thanks for asking. Yes, that is okay. I would appreciate if you provide an attribution for the pictures that you use, ideally with a link back to the page on this site that the pictures are from. Thanks.

  12. Many thanks for this excellent website. It is truly amazing how JWs still (still!) refer to themselves as being in “the truth”.

    • The site you are (self-)promoting does not contain factual information, so the link has been removed. If at some point it appears that your site has some notability, I might provide a detailed rebuttal. You are welcome to briefly comment here about how you justify the various inconsistencies between the JW’s 144,000 doctrine and the Bible. Assertions beyond dealing with the inconsistencies may be removed for brevity.

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